7 Best AMP Blogger Templates (2020) [SEO Friendly]

Nowadays AMP Templates are come for blogger and this are getting popular that’s why I’m share top 7 best AMP blogger Template 2020

So I’m also going to share the Best AMP templates for blogger and this blogger template are give you dynamic and also Super fast load your site.

So I know the Most of people are read this article, they know what is AMP, but Some Begineer are dont know properly, and you need to Select the right one for you. Because AMP are not Fully published for blogger users. So choose the Best AMP template For your blog site.

So let’s jump right into it.

NOTE: Hey Readers If you already know about what AMP is, you can skip this part and go jump into the list of Best AMP Templates.

What is AMP?

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages and this is only developed for load faster.
And this only work for mobile version. And this will help you to browse any AMP Pages in slow internet.

Google is only one of the developers of this new technology.

The main motive for building this tool was to provide a great speed for better experience for users and Work in low internet speed.

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Why do we need AMP for your website?

Everyone know why we need this AMP Tool for my blog. But there other some reasons why we need the AMP.

If you are Know about of Google ranking algorithms, then you will know the major factor ranking is website load speed

That means if your website loads faster you will rank higher.

AMP tool is also helps you to decreasing the bounce rate in Anyletics.

As all People are getting more impatient day by day and also they don’t like to wait Some time.

So accordingly if your site are not load faster then you lose your traffic. And also increase your bounce rate and you will de ranked day by day. So if your site load faster then Visitor will come and spend some time on your website.

I hope now you know what AMP is and how importance for our site.

So here is the list of 7 best AMP blogger templates for your blogger website.

7 Best AMP Blogger Templates (2019)

1. VLetters AMP

V Letters AMP Template

So Vletters  AMP Template is one of the best template for blogger. And this give you a cool look and your website will load faster. And this Vletters template is one of the best template for you.

The best thing of this AMP template is that gives a dynamic look to your site and also give you a AMP badges in search.

This AMP template is completely free with all the features are Updated

So if you want customize the look according to your preference. You can easily do it.


2. Infinite AMP

Infinite AMP Template

Infinite is also an AMP blogger Template that’s give you a premium lightweight and boast your site in so speed and this design is also responsive.

This template was Created and designed by IDN Themes.

You will see a lots of features in this template such as Google Testing Tool Validator, Search Box, Breadcrumbs, Social Sharing Buttons etc. This makes your template really advanced and User-Friendly for Blogger.

This template is have all the necessary elements that are required for a professional website as well as the users.


3. Sahabat AMP

Sahabat AMP

Sahabat AMP is Another template which has the AMP feature like WordPress with also Responsive, SEO friendly design and you can give it a attractive look.

This template is design like one-page style with simple white background which give you a attractive look to your site.

It has also subscription widget, that’s the best features of that template. Because in blogger AMP you Can’t add stylish widgets but in this template you can use a subscriptions widget that’s the major fact in this template.

This template developed by The IDN themes.


4. AMPNEWS Blogger

AMPNEWS Blogger Template

AMPNEWS Blogger template one of the best choices for your website and this template is related to news or viral topics,then you can use this.

This template have a professional look, and that give you best services if you have a news website and your site will be fast load then before.

This template colour is primary red But you can change it at your own choices as you like.



Viomagz Amp template

As a best designed and Amp Supported blogger template has name Viomagz Amp. This is the best blogger AMP template at present time. But template is under Working. But if you know how to use AMP, then you can use it. This is the best designed AMP Supported template i ever seen.

It is also super fast and responsive and also SEO friendly AMP Template.

You can design this template easily and also you can use this template any website.


6. Gooplus

Gooplus AMP Blogger Template

Gooplus is a modern-looking AMP template created by Goomsite.

It is suitable for any niche, be it technology, fitness, news, you name it.

The look of this template too good for a blogger template, it almost looks similar to a WordPress theme.

This template is perfectly optimized for speed, SEO and responsiveness which help in the ranking of your website in a significant manner.

It is also compatible with almost every browser.

I would recommend you to try this template if you want a good looking website with fast speed.


7. Betapress

Betapress AMP Blogger Template

Betapress is a best template, that’s created without any javascript. This template is totally AMP support and also SEO friendly.

Also this have some special features like WhatsApp share button and this are only show when someone browsing on mobile phone.

This template is also have a despite the bland look, they still managed to provide you all the important features.

So if You think definitely check this one out.



So These were the list of best AMP templates in 2019 that are Ads Ready and SEO friendly, also Responsive.

You can choose any template which is according to the best for your blog site Category.

So if you think this blog is helped you, then please share this to your friends who looking like this AMP template and comment down below also Thanks for read our article..

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