Viomagz 3.2 download link

var count = 15; // Number of remaining seconds.
var counter; // Handle for the countdown event.

function start() {
counter = setInterval(timer, 1000);

function timer() {
// Show the number of remaining seconds on the web page.
var output = document.getElementById(“displaySeconds”);
output.innerHTML = count;

// Decrease the remaining number of seconds by one.

// Check if the counter has reached zero.
if (count < 0) { // If the counter has reached zero... // Stop the counter. clearInterval(counter); // Start the download. window.location.href = ""; return; } } // Start the countdown timer when the page loads. window.addEventListener("load", start, false);
Your download will begin in 15 seconds.

How to download Viomagz 

Plz wait 15 Second and then he will redirect on THE new link.

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