How To Increase phone storage Easily

by Mahim Khan

Hello Friends! Welcome To my Viralfactbd New Article. Now We are going to talk about How To Increase phone storage Easily. At this time Without a storage a Mobile phone is totally Useless. We all know without internet We can’t do anything thats like Without storage. We can’t capture anything in our Android phone Without Storage Thats Why Today i bring a Blog post about Increase phone Storage.

How To Increase phone storage Easily

Why We Need Storage?

At this present world every people Have smartphones but Storage is a main problem in our cheap phone. But Sometime there is a lot of problem of storage. If We Want To download Something New then we have to delete previous Files In our phone. We have to many suffer from such problems of storage. But We have Some little Cautions can Solve This Storage problems. So then Lets start to know.

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Unnecessary download files

So firstly We have to Do delete some Unnecessary Files from our phone that were we needed before but no longer. The unnecessary files are decrease you phone storage. So first We have to go in download folders & select the Old unnecessary files and folder and then delete them.

Unnecessary Deleted Apps

So When We Buy buying a nsw phone, and then Many apps are allready installed and there some apps we Don’t need it. And those apps installed in Phone storage. So we have to do Go in the sitting and go in application manager & then We have to Selected the unwanted Application and Unstall them. If you need Those application then Download it from Playstore.

Use the light app

We Use Many Apps in Daily Life like Facebook, messenger, Instagram but We don’t know they also Have lite Version. Those lite application will take less space in your mobile-phone. And those Application you have to install in SD Card. And You have to Move some application to micro SD Card to reduce Some pressure from the Smartphone. Then your mobile phone will work faster..

Use Google Photos

If you Don’t know Google have a application That’s name is Google photos. This Application will provide You 15GB storage free for backup Some Photos and videos. Google photos will backup photos will not increase the general gallery storage.
Through this You can view photos and also edit them easily. It will reduces gallery storage.

Cash and Data Clear

So go in the Phone’s Application Manager. And then select the app & then delete its data and cache. It will eliminates old apps, but many live together. But remember this cache will increase with the increase when you use applications. And also data size will increase  with updates. So Move all Application to The Sd card it may not unknown to anyone that when we download any application From Play store this application will install automatically in our Phone internal storage  and there are enough folder for the app to run there.
As a results the memory of the phone is full.  Instantly though the apps occupy space in the internal storage but you must have move it to the SD Card. Then The mobile pressure will decrease  and Your Phone will work suler fast And you will see you phone storage increased. If you follow those steps that’s must your phone will be reduced.


Iam hoping I have provided you with a detailed post about the How To Increase phone storage Easily. So plz Use This Steps Thats really help you to increase storage. If this tricks and tips work for you then tell us in comment below.

Thanks for taking out some time to read my blog post.

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