How to Prepare for Bankruptcy

by Mohammad Khan

Bankruptcy is a necessary option for those with high debt to income ratios. However, it does come with serious consequences. Your credit will be ruined for up to 10 years, the process will cost you at least 1-2,000$ to file and lenders will be very weary of you. Consider these 10 strategies.


  1. Pass the “means test”.
  2. Replevin Orders
  3. Credit scores can be strengthened after bankruptcy if you obtain a secured credit card and pay it down fast after making small purchases.
  4. Do not purposefully rack up to debts on entertainment (non-essential).
  5. Chapter 13 bankruptcies will save your house from being foreclosed upon, however, it will only buy you a  few months.
  6. Chapter 7 bankruptcies will not clear out mortgages and auto loans.
  7. Negotiate your reaffirmation agreement  with your lawyer or better yet, try to avoid signing into one!
  8. Child support is a non-dischargeable Debt.
  9. Student Loans and owed Tax debt are generally considered non-dischargeable.
  10. Show up to court! If you don’t get a notice in the mail from your lawyer, call him/her! Missing your court date can cause huge delays and possibly have your case thrown out. It is imperative that before you file for bankruptcy.



These are just a few basic tips when it comes to filling for bankruptcy in chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me at


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