Pub Gfx+ Latest version Apk

Pub Gfx+ Latest version Apk
Pub Gfx+ Latest version Apk

Pub gfx apk free
App NameFilename PUB+Gfx++Tool.apk
DeveloperTrikala Inc.
App Size1.4MB
Supported OnAndroid 4.3+
Root RequiredNo

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var count = 15; // Number of remaining seconds.
var counter; // Handle for the countdown event.

function start() {
counter = setInterval(timer, 1000);

function timer() {
// Show the number of remaining seconds on the web page.
var output = document.getElementById(“displaySeconds”);
output.innerHTML = count;

// Decrease the remaining number of seconds by one.

// Check if the counter has reached zero.
if (count < 0) { // If the counter has reached zero... // Stop the counter. clearInterval(counter); // Start the download. window.location.href = ""; return; } } // Start the countdown timer when the page loads. window.addEventListener("load", start, false);
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How To Download!

Plz Wait 15 Sec and then, then this Page will redirect you on download page.
If download timer is not Working then refresh the Page, and try again.

 Pub gfx+ is the Best and one of the best apk or tool for every PUBG players. Because this will help you reduce the graphics and play smoothly.

This application also have a memorybooster options & this will help you to play this game more time.

So if you are a pubg player then use it and tell us on comment below and must visit our site for more updates.

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