What is VPN and Benifit Of VPN

by Mahim Khan

Hey Friends! Welcome to your Viralfactbd Blog. So today’s post we are talking about VPN.So Today’s We are going to about Know..what is VPN? and What benefit do we have this VPN? Then is this VPN is right for us?Such there are also many things we will going to know in todays article. And this information will be read to you in English. So lets know more about thr VPN with this blog post. So lets know What is VPN and benifit of VPN

What is VPN and Benifit Of VPN

What is VPN?

Now we’ll Talk concerning the VPN could be a virtual-private network that’s all individuals apprehend. All the web users individuals area unit know-about this VPN. However virtually net user individuals aren’t realizing it. Therefore that we’ve got to understand concerning this VPN. Therefore then you have got to understand concerning it fastidiously VPN full-name is virtual personal Network. If we tend to are-use net with totally different servers and country, then we tend to all individuals should use VPN. To transfer your Server location another place. Simply you and that i apprehend that is world could be a times. Abd the basis of contemporary world is net..

 We can’t do anything without the internet at this time. So first We have to know who internet Works in 2019. First of all, to know the internet server. Per country have its internet server like the Bangladesh server is different and the US server is also different. With all this server Internet is Work & all these servers are connected in a particular IP address.

At this time, ws have multimedia tools like mobile phone & Computers they have also own IP address. And also one particular thing is that all about the multimedia Ia devices IP Address can find the IP Address of Hakhrek devices the device easily can be easily track and this show your location.

Use of VPN!

Sometimes ago we Read that What is VPN? & now we all are going to know How to Use of VPN? And we also know is this right for us. So then let’s know about this.

With This VPN, We can use or Access any Specific Websites that has been blocked the servers of your country.
We know VPN is a Private Network, if we install this in our mobile phone and connect with another server of countries from our country.
 If any website has blocked by our country then this websites will live in another countries so firstly you have to install the VPN before Connecting with another server of any country and then website will be Live. Then when Your VPN connect you can access any band website easily.

So if we Use the VPN for the right thing then this will be very helpful for you. Because if a website has been blocked from our country then this must have been for some reason. So Plz Use VPN for Right thing dont Abuse to wrong away.


I really hope I have provided you with a detailed article about the What is VPN and Benifit Of VPN. Make sure You Use All these VPN carefully and enjoy with the VPN

Thanks for taking out some time to read my article.

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