What is Web browser and How does it work?

by Mahim Khan

If you are an internet user then I think every internet user knows about the internet browser. We use this web browser for learning something and downloading, etc. If you have a smartphone, laptop or PC then you will get a browser and you can use this anytime and anywhere. This application or software are created when the internet was invented.

What is a web browser

This browser is created only because where you live is not a fact but you can get the knowledge of the whole world. When we listen to a web browser and these words have a meaning that web means internet and browser means searching.

I think now you know what is web browser but do you know how does it work? When you open your web browser and you search for something and you get the answer super fast. Today I will share some knowledge of this I think you read it down.

What is a Web browser?

A web browser is a software and if you want to use then you need to install it on your devices. Web browser and internet are connected with each other. Without internet browsers are useless and without browser also interest useless.

At this present time, web browsers are like a door to go the knowledge World. With this internet, we can see a lot of things like videos, audios and we can translate any content and all things will be in your devices.

History of Web Browser

The web browser has been created in 1990 which Tim Berners-Lee. And he gives the first name of the browser is worldwideweb. After that, a lot of updates have come and they bring a lot of features.

At this time browser has a lot features and responsive. You will get a lot of browser on the internet but tell you that I give a list of the browser you can choose any one from down.

Best Web Browser List

A lot of browsers are available on the internet. And we can use anyone. But I think this browser is really best for all device users.

1. Google Chrome (mobile, laptop, PC)

2. Firefox ( Mobile, PC, Laptop)

3.Internet Browser (Only for PC)

4. Opera (mobile, PC)

5. Safari

6.Microsoft edge (PC)


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